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Ba collects stamps for fun. He is a stamp__________*

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A. Collecting

B. Collection

C. Collector

D. Collected


A person who collects something for fun like stamps is called a (collector/ collection / collecting / collect)


A person who collects something for fun like stamps is called a (collector/ collection / collecting / collect)

. He books for poor children for five years.

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A. Has collected B. Collects C. Is collecting D. Collected

97. The last time he collected stamps was 3 years ago.

A. He hasn’t collected stamps was 3 years ago.

B. He hasn’t collected stamps for 3 years ago.

C. He hasn’t collected stamps for 3 years.

He has collected stamps for 3 years.

1. Hoa __________________ coins and stamps since she was six.

A. Was collecting

B. Has collected

C. Collected

D. Will collect

2. His brother is a _________________ boy. He always tells a joke.

A. Handsome

B. Humorous

C. Sociable

D. Energetic

3. Vị you mind if I __________________ your oto to work?

A. Drive

B. Driving

C. To lớn drive

D. Drove

4. They are ____________ that their son won the championship.

A. Delighted

B. Pleasing

C. Sad

D. Interesting

5. My sister regretting ___________ Mai’s glasses yesterday.

A. Khổng lồ break

B. Broken

C. Breaking

D. Break

6. Hoa dances more _______________ than her classmates.

A. Beauty

B. Beautiful

C. Beautifully

D. Beautify

7. They will hold a meeting in the large room ____________ the morning of next Sunday.

A. In

B. On

C. At

D. Of

8. Minh loves playing chess _____________ his sister enjoys skipping in their không lấy phí time.

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A. When

B. Because

C. While

D. During

9. One hundred dollars ______________ an big amount of money for her.

A. Is

B. Are

C. Were

D. Is being

10. Don’t overheat the victim _____________ blankets or coats.

A. On

B. For

C. With

D. From

11. We are going to __________ a small plane khổng lồ Ha Long bay this weekend.

A. Drive

B. Ride

C. Take

D. Give

12. They as well as Mai ___________________ in the field at this time last Sunday.

A. Was working

B. Were working

C. Has worked

D. Have worked

13. Thanks _______ Alexander Graham Bell’s invention, I can communicate with each other easily.

A. For

B. From

C. On

14. We must _________ the environment from the pollution every day.

A. Save

B. Protest

C. Protect

D. Waste

15. In our opinion, there are a lot of differences _________ two twins.

A. From

B. Without

C. With

D. Between

16. If you _______________ your work, let’s play volleyball with them in the garden.

A. Finish

B. Are finishing

C. Have finished

D. Will finish

17. Have a picnic with ______________ in the mountain tomorrow.

A. Khô hanh and I

B. Hanh hao and me

C. I và Hanh

D. Me & Hanh

18. Study is no _____________ restricted lớn just one location.

A. Longer

B. Long

C. Longest

D. The longest

19. My son was hit _______________ a stick while he was working in the field.

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A. By

B. With

C. Without

D. Out

20. Nam & Manh have played badminton for two hours, but __________ of them are tired.