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any of various types of outer clothing that are worn over other clothes, usually open in the front, and are often used for warmth:
Each pellet of ammonium nitrate was coated with a hydrocarbon wax to lớn reduce the effects of hygroscopicity.
In most cases, however, the bacterial mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa in the suspensions surrounding the differently coated surfaces was similar at the same sampling time point.
Hence, we analytically confirm experimental predictions that surface superconductivity may be suppressed by coating a superconductor with a normal metal.
The two quantities of interest in this process are the critical speed for coating to lớn occur and the thickness of the coating layer.
He assumed that coating would occur and was fully developed, so he did not take account of the presence of a tương tác line.
However, these bars were finely made, tapered at one end, & had striations on their surfaces; several were coated with red pigment on their ends.
Such topics as charging, different coating methods and the materials available for coating are discussed.
Before goethite began coating siliciclasts, the carbonate minerals were removed from the pore space.
Designs of this sort for emblems and coats of arms also served as a kind of calling card for the artist himself.
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This outfit includes pyjamas & dressing gown; a red tie, a white shirt and a xanh coat and trousers.
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