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the ability of machines, especially computers, or computer programs to work successfully with other machines or programs:
First we set out the benefits of such a system và evaluate its compatibility with psychological constraints.
The following two case studies illustrate how changes in compatibility can occur over a small geographical range.
More discussion of methodologies and data compatibility, and a more complete reference list, would have been useful.
The compatibility of a computation with a trace depends on whether the computation exhibits the trace or not.
And, (2) compatibility, that is, there is compatibility among the kinds of reasoning performed in different contexts.
In allopatry, this cannot happen và any parasites persisting in the novel host presumably increase their compatibility with it through time.
Because constructions are an assembly of different materials and components, the actual effects of these changes determine the compatibility of the parts one with another.
The level of standard phonic responses was uniformly very high for letters that provide compatibility between application of the acrophonic principle & the phonic response.
lưu ý that the compatibility only requires closure under renamings, without mentioning the free name function.
This explains the target length effects and the absence of a syllable compatibility effect with these words.
On the other hand, they may easily adopt appropriate công nghệ because of its compatibility with their values.

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to promote garden production in the country, further research is needed, for example, on the ecological và economic compatibility of different garden plants and species.
Here the commutation relations (1.1) translate into the compatibility condition that is satisfied by with respect to the labeling.
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