any of several different types of container used to store papers, letters, và other documents in an ordered way, especially in an office:

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a thin, flat or rounded metal tool with rough surfaces for rubbing wooden or metal objects lớn make them smooth or to lớn change their shape
News reporters tệp tin a story by sending it lớn their office, usually by phone, email, or other electronic method:
a folded piece of stiff paper used lớn store papers, letters, or other documents in an ordered way, esp. In an office, or a box or container in which documents are stored:
a usually flat tool with rough surfaces for rubbing objects to make them smooth or to lớn change their shape
text/computer/image tệp tin Click on the command & a box pops up showing how big the text file is & how long it should take to save lớn your hard drive.
write to/edit a file It is necessary lớn designate a group of people who are allowed to lớn edit the file.
close/delete a file If you reboot your computer with the startup disk in the drive, you"ll get lớn a prompt from which you can delete the file.
Many organizations are doing good work around policy, but too often it sits forgotten in a tệp tin somewhere.

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to store information or documents carefully so that they are easy khổng lồ find, either in a place such as a folder or desk, or on a computer:
file sth under sth An organization with initials in the name, eg W H Smith, will be filed under the initial, in this case W.
file sth away It"s tempting to file away all the paperwork relating khổng lồ your pension & forget about it.
file a lawsuit/a suit/charges He is planning to file a lawsuit against the current chairman for an alleged violation of a clause in his contract.
Of those, 1,530 where adults who filed income tax returns, 1,009 of them reporting earnings from salaries & wages.
During the performance, the amplification is regulated by the sound technician and the initiation of new sound files by the singer.
As mandatory in filed robotics research, significant experimental demonstrations of the techniques developed are also presented.
The extract option extracts multichannel files with up lớn four channels, and the program can interleave two mono files into a stereo one.
All artwork must be accompanied by three hard copy printouts, these must match the electronic files.
Occasional finds in investigative files, for example, are so few và far between that the methodical research required would exceed the capacity of any researcher.
What is clear is that the huge number of cases filed reflects the increasing importance of the court in the country"s political life.
In the regression results it becomes evident that not all files have full information on all the 46 variables we are taking into account.
The function implementing this markup selects the files with the suffix "tar.gz" in the dir directory.
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Example from the Hansard archive. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the mở cửa Parliament Licence v3.0
While this method results in gapless playback within consecutive tracks, it can be unwieldy because of the possibly large kích thước of the resulting compressed file.