Fraction Là Gì

Although sexual and violent crimes have increased by 13 percent, they remain only a tiny/small fraction of the total number of crimes committed each year.

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a number that results from dividing one whole number (= a number with no part of a number after it) by another:
In each generation, a fraction m of each subpopulation is replaced by immigrants drawn randomly from the dk1 other subpopulations.
One 5- 5-m square (or a 1% sampling fraction) from each stratum was randomly selected using a table of random numbers.
Unlike many other types of cancers, only a small fraction of prostate cancer cases are aggressive và life-threatening.
Positive evidence has typically been obtained in conditions where the target follows the prime by a fraction of a second.
Here we consider that some fraction 1 - of the particles is reflected specularly and that the remaining fraction is reflected diffusely.
The numbers in brackets represent the raw data expressed as a fraction, from which the percentages are calculated.
If a scenario resulted in a substantial fraction of land in an island being inundated, land prices would rise.
Therefore, the explored fraction of a kiến thiết space matters precisely because it decides the cost of accessing the unexplored designs.
In the other benchmarks a much smaller fraction of unifications can be improved due to the heavy use of non-deterministic predicates.
More precisely, suppose that p/q is a rational number, and we search for a continued fraction representation for it.
to keep population form size constant we apply a rescaling that keeps the fractions in the different population subgroups unchanged.
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In patients with severe ventricular systolic dysfunction, elevated serum noradrenaline is a sign of a bad prognosis independent of haemodynamic & ejection fraction parameters.
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