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They also conclude that reforms induced important financial development và reduced the regressiveness of the old systems that they replace.
The outlet of the first shock in the gas induces a strong rarefaction wave which reflects also into a shock at the ablation radius.
The basic effects on the flow induced by yaw-angle & curvature can easily be recovered from the present solution.
Simple method for reducing the depolarization loss resulting from thermally induced birefringence in solid-state lasers.
There are at least three alternative explanations for our results other than evidence of a transmission cost lớn inducing symptoms.
Movements may arise from structural deformation, or may be induced by temperature variations or changes in moisture content.
Previous events in a sequence influence outcomes và trajectories, but not necessarily by inducing further movement in the same direction.
This order directly induces a priority order among the nodes: lớn choose between two nodes, prefer the one which would be visited first.
Therefore, we can hypothesize that severe droughts induce leaf shedding & flushing in the tropical rain forest.
Intuitively, the positive savings effect associated with the reduction in generational turnover attenuates the fall in aggregate savings induced by the lower rate of interest.
Information contents are a partially ordered set, & the partial order on information contents induces a quasi-order on terms.
The measures proposed are oriented khổng lồ mitigating the factors that induce greater environmental deterioration & poverty.

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The genealogical quest in this otherwise well-researched và very interesting book induces a rather too teleological reading of the works studied.
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