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Limited almost exclusively to lớn problems of spatial perception, that analysis gives short shrift khổng lồ even the most fundamental issues of psychological or physiological import.
Our verb results confirm the joint roles of informativeness and limited resources hypothesized in the introduction.
Nurses và physicians can also function as genetic counselors, và clergy and others will also have roles khổng lồ play, albeit limited roles.
Some chapters remain mired in highly technical language, while others fail lớn transcend the limited social, cultural contexts of their studies.
Although feminist studies have a more limited audience, feminists exert an important influence on policy-makers.
A common problem of most studies is the limited number of subjects, which usually ranges between 10 and 20 subjects.
It is suggested that the small number of students, và limited duration of the treatment may have influenced results.
Given the substantially low level of public investment in secondary education, secondary schools can only make modest contribution lớn student learning with their limited resources.
One-syllable productions of multisyllabic targets, which show evidence of full word extraction, would be evidence against an extraction tài khoản of his limited forms.
Theories of cognition & the experimental tasks used to kiểm tra those theories often conspire hand in hand to lớn overlook limited search and stopping rules.
Even in the limited sample of tasks in which above chance performance has been reported, blindsight performance does not equal that of normals.

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a style in art, design, & theatre that uses the smallest range of materials & colours possible, & only very simple shapes or forms

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