a planned occasion when people come together, either in person or online (= using the internet), lớn discuss something:
Companies are making more use of websites and videoconferencing where staff may log on for regular meetings.

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In a statement issued after the meeting, the board announced their decision khổng lồ go ahead with the merger .
at/in/during a meeting A framework agreement will be signed next week during a meeting of EU foreign ministers.
last/next meeting There was speculation that the Fed may cut its lending rate from 5.25% before its next meeting.

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a meeting with sb The ngân hàng announced the expanded cost cuts in a meeting with analysts after the close of trading.
a meeting between sb/sth & sb/sth No meeting has yet taken place between senior management và union representatives.
be in/go to/attend a meeting Over 200 people attended the meeting at the company"s headquarters in San Diego.
chair a meeting He chaired a meeting of senior Ministers last Thursday khổng lồ discuss five-year plans for reforms.

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a meeting of leaders/delegates/shareholders Two new directors were elected lớn the board at the annual meeting of shareholders.




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