Offset là gì

to balance one influence against an opposing influence, so that there is no great difference as a result:

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UK He keeps his petrol receipts because petrol is one of the expenses that he can offset against tax (= can show to lớn the government as being a business cost, và so not pay tax).
to pay for things that will reduce carbon dioxide in order lớn reduce the damage caused by carbon dioxide that you produce:

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to pay an amount of money when you vị something, for example travelling by air, that produces a lot of harmful waste products. The money is used to vị something that protects against climate change, such as planting trees:
the right to lớn pay a person or organization less money than you owe them because they also owe you money:
a payment that is made or an kích hoạt that is done in order khổng lồ pay for or reduce the harmful effect that something has on the environment:
However, by lowering the protein concentration, the acquisition time would significantly increase, offsetting the gains in throughput that can be achieved using larger mixtures.
Over 1980-1995 there was not even an offsetting benefit in terms of risk reduction, if one focuses on the volatility of real holding-period returns.
A corollary is that organic agriculture requires more land lớn produce food than conventional agriculture does, thus offsetting any environmental benefits of organic production18.
At high liquidity levels, this also offsets the beneficial effects of monetary trade, hence only a larger keeps individuals indifferent between the two trading sectors.
Quite probably they would be negative due to moral hazard and wages would rise more than they otherwise would, offsetting the potential gain for employment.
Finally, we prove correct an algorithm, used in our prototype compiler, for statically resolving method offsets.

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