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When two particles such as those depicted in figure 2 come together they juxtapose contaminant parcels with a concentration difference 2s ma.
A second researcher was dressed as a mail carrier outfitted with a blue-collared shirt, and a navy xanh shoulder bag for parcels.
The surrounding landscape is cloud forest giving way to lớn scattered housing sites, agricultural parcels, pasture, và fields now fallow.
Privatisation is usually part & parcel of standard reform packages, being also indirectly promoted by the requirements of reducing public deficits & protecting property rights.
In this respect, the economic function of tenancy is khổng lồ break up large ownerships và consolidate very small parcels into holdings of operational size.
This consciousness, needless to lớn say, is part and parcel of the nationalist programme of integration, which has gradually been shaped.
With the exception of leased-out parcels, it corresponds khổng lồ the land-basis of the agricultural production unit.
The land estate corresponds to lớn the full mix of land parcels over which an individual or a family holds proprietorship or ownership rights.
We also collected land use histories for all these parcels, including previous land use và dates when land was converted lớn different uses.
Accordingly, many writings on the struggle for parcel post have stressed its origins in agrarian ideology.
The land parcel clearly differs from the crop field (area devoted to one crop or one type of intercropping).
The landholding corresponds to lớn all cultivation parcels managed by an individual for his own benefit.
Part and parcel of the disagreement about the scope of governance is disagreement about what sort of procedures are a reasonable response to lớn this disagreement.
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a metal object, usually with a part shaped lượt thích an arrow, that is put on vị trí cao nhất of a high building and turns lớn show which way the wind is blowing from

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