Source là gì

According to congressional sources (= people who work in Congress) many Representatives are worried about this issue.

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if your income is taxed at source, income tax is taken from your salary and sent directly khổng lồ the tax authorities:
Therefore, we investigate the effect of pension fund governance on the two sources of value creation separately.
Data have been collected using a variety of sources, including parent interviews, teacher assessments, child interviews, standardized psychometric tests, medical và official records.
However, no large stockpiles of batteries or other obvious sources of heavy-metal contamination were found.
Of the various approaches to lớn personality, they are clearly opting for trait & social cognitive approaches as the likely sources of valid data.
to lớn distinguish between the two different sources, two different shading colours are used for concentration values exceeding 80% of the maximum signal amplitude.
According khổng lồ these authors, the readings often attributed to lớn variant forms are retentions of meanings associated with their original lexical sources.
The limited information available on the sources of income of urban & rural households confirms these results.
The sparse endnotes for each chapter point khổng lồ a book based almost entirely on secondary sources, & often very limited ones at that.
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Các từ thường được áp dụng cùng cùng với source.

An additional source of bias in the estimated effect of exports could be the absence of controls for seasonal effects independent of economic output.

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The final two volumes probably represent a forlorn attempt to continue the publication with support from an alternative source of funding.
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Clearing the air and chopping and changing (Idioms và phrases in newspapers)



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