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Ecosystems are not being maintained, safety factors are ignored, species extinction persists at an unprecedented level, & our very global life-support systems are under threat.
As a result, vast financial resources were increasingly secured and redeployed khổng lồ construct military & naval machines of unprecedented size, complexity, & cost.
By the mid nineteenth century it had assumed a character unlike anything witnessed before, và machinery was playing an unprecedented part.
The first remarkable aspect this time round was the almost unprecedented & virtually complete disappearance of the rebel forces from the political process.
The ability lớn analyze huge volumes of personal health data gives unprecedented opportunities for research.
Artificial vocality, electroacoustic music and, more generally, twentieth century music have an unprecedented particularity.
Following that decision, an unprecedented campaign was launched by consumers (pregnant women), interested providers of care, & the mass media (6).
For example, racial/ ethnic taxonomies, including what is racial & what is ethnic about them, are in a phase of unprecedented uncertainty & volatility.
The mounting evidence that widespread disease control was leading khổng lồ unprecedented rates of population growth went largely unheeded by governments và international organizations.
But some people, owing lớn ignorance, self-deception, or willful blindness, do not see that this is a task calling for cooperation of an unprecedented kind.
This assembly, purporting lớn be the collective focus of new inventions, must wield an unprecedented power nguồn of legitimation of scientific facts.
This gradual detachment of the voice from the instrumental setting continues throughout the movement và results in an unprecedented transformation.

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What was most important, most interesting, most unprecedented in what you discovered in those rehearsals?
Numerous scholars have documented the unprecedented impact of this actor on the policies & institutions of aspirant countries.
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