Xu Xialing (Mandarin: 徐夏灵)[2] is the current leader of the Ten Rings, the daughter of Xu Wenwu and Ying Li, and the younger sister of Shang-Chi. Xialing was not allowed to tát train alongside the men in her youth, leading her to tát learn martial arts through observation. When Shang-Chi defected from the Ten Rings, Xialing felt abandoned, also deciding to tát defect years later. Xialing relocated to tát Macau, where she founded the Golden Daggers Club. Years later, Xialing was approached by Shang-Chi and Katy Chen, whom the Ten Rings were hunting. The three were eventually captured by the Ten Rings and reunited with their father. Wenwu was preparing to tát venture into the realm of Ta Lo and reunite with his late wife; his destructive plans alienated Xialing, Shang-Chi, and Chen, leading to tát their imprisonment. After escaping, they journeyed into Ta Lo and joined the elders in defending their village. Ta Lo's warriors, along with Xialing, later joined forces with the Ten Rings to tát defeat the Dweller-in-Darkness. In the aftermath, Xialing assumed leadership of the Ten Rings in the wake of her father's death.

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Early Life[]

A Happy Family[]

"The Nine-Tailed Fox will find special treats from all over the world for you, and just lượt thích Xialing, will protect you with her strength and intelligence."
―Ying Li to tát Xu Xialing and Xu Shang-Chi[src]
Xu Family

Xialing and her family playing together

Xu Xialing was born to tát Xu Wenwu and Ying Li, and was the younger sister of Shang-Chi. She and her family lived in the Ten Rings Headquarters in Đài Loan Trung Quốc for many years happily.[1] One night, Ying Li told Xialing stories about the legends of Ta Lo as a bedtime story. She started by explaining the Shishi, who guarded each other, which Shang-Chi likened to tát his protection of Xialing. Ying then noted that Xialing was đáng yêu and clever, comparing her to tát the Jiu Wei Hu.

Shang-Chi & Xialing's Pendants

Xialing moments before her mother's death

Ying talked about the flying Qilin next, ví Xialing noted that the guardians which flew were her favorites. This prompted Ying to tát described the Fenghuang. Ying talked about Morris and Dragons, and Shang-Chi expressed admiration for Ying's village. Shang-Chi and Xialing went to tát sleep while Ying noted that the village did not have everything.[3] Ying gave Xialing a dragon pendant that could open the key to tát the map to tát Ta Lo. Ying taught Xialing and Shang-Chi many other lessons, but one day while the three were outside, they were confronted by the Iron Gang, who wanted revenge on Wenwu. Ying ushered Xialing and Shang Chi to tát leave ví that she could fight the gang, which resulted in their mother's death.[1]

Training Alone[]

Xu Xialing training

Xialing training with the Rope Dart alone

"He always treat you lượt thích that?"
"Only after my mom died. He said he couldn't look at má because I reminded him of her."
―Katy Chen and Xu Xialing[src]

After the death of Ying Li, Xu Wenwu decided to tát train Xu Shang-Chi to tát be an assassin for the Ten Rings, but did not allow Xialing to tát train with the others because she reminded Wenwu of her mother. Despite this, Xialing watched Shang-Chi train with the other assassins from the side, and began to tát train herself based off of what she had observed, including training with her Rope Dart.[1]

Abandoned at Home[]

Xialing before Shang-Chi leaves

Xialing being abandoned by her brother

When Xialing was ten years old, her brother, Xu Shang-Chi was tasked to tát finally avenge their mother's death. Xialing expressed her concern that he would leave her alone at the headquarters, but her brother promised that he would return soon. He later realized that he had a chance to tát escape his father's control and did not fulfill his promise, leaving Xialing alone.[1]

Building an Empire[]

Xu Xialing

Xialing as "Macau's own fearsome killer"

Six years after her brother abandoned her, Xialing managed to tát escape the Ten Rings Headquarters through a secret tunnel passage within the compound. She moved to tát Macau, where she then founded the fighting club, the Golden Daggers Club, where she befriended Jon Jon. Over the years, Xialing was quite successful in building up her club, managing to tát find some fighters with various backgrounds ranging from normal martial artists to tát super-powered individuals and professional killers who were willing to tát participate in her tournament.[1]

Family Reunion[]

Sibling Reunion[]

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings 54

Xialing angrily fighting against her brother

After the Blip, Xialing found herself reunited with her brother, who had traveled to tát Macau with Katy Chen, and had been signed up as her opponent in the main cage. Shang-Chi was taken aback to tát his sister, but she did not hesitate to tát attack him, much to tát his confusion.

Xialing vs

Xialing deafeats Shang-Chi with a spin kick

Because he did not want to tát fight her, Shang-Chi was quickly knocked to tát the ground by Xialing. He attempted to tát explain himself, but Xialing did not want to tát hear it and continued fighting Shang-Chi. Although he persisted in not fighting his sister, Shang-Chi began defending himself from Xialing's vicious strikes. Shang-Chi managed to tát inform Xialing that their father was coming for them, and she told him that he shouldn't have come back and went to tát leave the cage. But she was stopped by the memory of Shang-Chi abandoning her, which brought back her resentment, and she spin kicked him in the face, knocking him out.

Shang-Chi New image3

Xialing is warned about the Ten Rings

After the fight, Xialing had Shang-Chi and Chen brought to tát her office, where he explained that they were attacked by the Ten Rings, and that they would be coming for her next. Xialing revealed to tát Chen how she waited for Shang-Chi to tát return for six years until she figured out she no longer needed him, and stated that she still didn't need him. Shang-Chi then asked about a postcard she sent him, but Xialing knew nothing about it, and at that moment, the alarms went off due to tát the Ten Rings attacking. Xialing and Jon Jon escaped in a secret elevator, leaving Shang-Chi and Chen behind.

Xialing fights Ten Rings agent

Xialing fighting multiple Ten Rings agents

Despite the resentment she still harbored for her brother, Xialing decided to tát go back and help him fight the Ten Rings agents. Fortunately, Xialing arrived by the scaffolding to tát catch Chen as she fell, saving her life. Xialing then climbed the scaffolding to tát where Shang-Chi was being attacked by multiple agents. The siblings fought together, with Xialing being more brutal as she kicked the agents off the building to tát their deaths, until Death Dealer arrived and stole Xialin's pendant and knocked her down. They were all eventually captured by the Ten Rings, and Xialing and Shang-Chi were reunited with their father.[1]

Returning Home[]

Many warriors

Xialing is brought back to tát her home

"Your mother is waiting for us there. I know this is a lot. I might not have believed it if she didn't tell má herself."
"What are you talking about?"
―Xu Wenwu and Xu Xialing[src]

Xu Wenwu took Xialing, Shang-Chi and Katy Chen to tát his helicopter and brought them back to tát the Ten Rings Headquarters. Once they landed, Wenwu instructed Razor Fist to tát take Xialing and Chen to tát Xialing's old room, while he spoke with Shang-Chi. Xialing told Chen about what it was lượt thích growing up after her mother died, which led to tát her running away and starting the Golden Daggers Club.

XIaling listens to tát Wenwu

Xialing listening to tát her father's delusions

That night, Wenwu had his children and Chen join him for dinner, where he revealed that he always knew where they were this whole time. After talking about the death of Ying Li, Wenwu showed them to tát his office, where he explained to tát them that he had been researching into Ta Lo and that he believes that their mother is alive and waiting to tát be freed. Xialing and Shang-Chi gave each other a concerned look as Wenwu stated that he had heard Ying Li's voice Điện thoại tư vấn to tát him, which made him conclude that he needed to tát save her from Ta Lo.

Shang-Chi EW Still 02

Xialing listens to tát Xu Wenwu talk about Ta Lo

Xialing and Shang-Chi did not believe their father, ví he placed their pendants in the eyes of a dragon statue which released water into the air that then turned into a map that gave directions to tát Ta Lo. With the exact time and place to tát enter Ta Lo revealed to tát him, Wenwu readied his agents to tát rescue Ying Li from the Dark Gate. Xialing questioned her father on what he would vì thế if the people of Ta Lo wouldn't let him open the gate, and he calmly stated he would burn the village. Xialing and Shang-Chi protested their father's plan, but he would not desist, and he decided to tát have them locked up.

Xialing wonders if Wenwu is right

Xialing wonders if her father is correct

The three discussed whether or not Wenwu was right about Ta Lo, but they agreed that they had to tát get there before he destroyed it. When Shang-Chi commented that Wenwu's actions could also destroy their family, Xialing coldly stated that their family had been destroyed for many years. They then heard groans, ví they followed the noise to tát discover Trevor Slattery. While Shang-Chi and Chen talked to tát him, Xialing went off to tát access the tunnel system, and came back, destroying the cell wall that would lead them straight to tát the garage.[1]

Escape from the Ten Rings[]

Shang-Chi, Slattery, Katy, Xialing

The group escaping from the Ten Rings

"Is there another exit?"
"The other kết thúc of the garage. But we need a fingerprint to tát open it."
―Katy Chen and Xu Xialing[src]

Arriving in the garage, the group, including Trevor Slattery, stole Razor Fist's siêu xe and made their way for the exit. They were blocked off, ví Xialing told Katy Chen of another exit. As they made their way through the garage, they were chased by Ten Rings assassins, ví Xialing and Shang-Chi fought them off from outside of the siêu xe until they successfully escaped the compound.[1]

Journey Into Ta Lo[]

ShangChi Fandando Still

Xialing and Shang-Chi are met by their aunt

"You're not in your father's house anymore. In Ta Lo, we train as equals. You've been in the shadows long enough, my child."
―Ying Nan to tát Xu Xialing[src]

Following Morris' directions, the group successfully made it through the forest maze and went through the gateway into Ta Lo. As the drove through the realm, they looked in awe of all the different creatures that populated the land. They were approached by the villagers, led by Guang Bo, who told them to tát turn back.

Shang-Chi & Xialing

Xialing warning Ying Nan about Xu Wenwu

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However, the villagers were told to tát stand down by Ying Nan, who revealed herself to tát Xialing and Shang-Chi as their aunt. Shang-Chi informed Ying Nan that Xu Wenwu was coming to tát Ta Lo to tát không tính phí Ying Li from the Dark Gate, with Xialing explaining that he heard her Điện thoại tư vấn for him. After asking about the Ten Rings, Ying Nan then educated them on the history of Ta Lo, specifically about the Dweller-in-Darkness and how the Great Protector helped lock him in the Dark Gate, which the villagers have been protecting ever since.

Xialing recieves her armor

Xialing receives her Dragon Scale Armor

Ying Nan continued to tát explain how the Soul Eaters were manipulating Wenwu to tát use the rings to tát open the gate. Ying Nan then brought Xialing and Shang-Chi to tát the memorial in honor of their mother, telling them that she knew that her children would one day come to tát Ta Lo, leading to tát Ying Nan presenting them with Dragon Scale Armor that Ying Li had prepared for them upon their arrival. Ying Nan told her niece and nephew that even though they may feel alone, they always have had family, and she welcomed them trang chủ.

Xialing Rope Dart

Xialing training in Ta Lo with a rope dart

Changing into some clothes native to tát Ta Lo, Xialing watched a group of villagers train in preparation for the upcoming fight. Ying Nan approached her, and told that unlike the environment that she grew up in where Wenwu would not allow her to tát train, in Ta Lo, everyone was equal and taught to tát fight. Ying Nan then handed Xialing a rope dart, which she trained with in a designated spot, accurately hitting all of her targets with ease.[1] That night, Shang-Chi tried to tát apologize to tát Xialing for abandoning her, but she coldly informed him that she would not be able to tát forgive him ví easily.[8]

Battle of Ta Lo[]

Xu Xialing (2024)

Xialing before the fight with the Ten Rings

"Those things are gonna kill us all if we don't work together."
"You think I'm going to tát fall for that?"
―Xu Xialing and Razor Fist[src]

The next day, Xu Wenwu arrived with the Ten Rings, ví Xialing, Shang-Chi, Katy Chen and the entire village of Ta Lo readied themselves for battle. Xialing and Shang-Chi stood upfront with Ying Nan as Wenwu approached, demanding they release Ying Li. Neither side stood down, ví the battle commenced.

Xialing vs

Xialing fights against the Ten Rings agents

Xialing used her rope dart to tát swiftly disarm and defeat several Ten Rings agents. When she spotted her brother being attacked by Razor Fist, Xialing used her rope dart to tát restrain him, allowing her to tát knock him down. Xialing told Shang-Chi to tát go after their father before he opens the Dark Gate. Razor Fist got back up, ví Xialing continued to tát fight him with her rope dart, which kept him from getting in close range over her.

Xialing (2024)

Xialing sees the Soul Eaters approaching

Being the superior fighter, Xialing was soon able to tát best Razor Fist, restraining his blade and holding the blade of her dart to tát his throat. They then noticed Soul Eaters emerge from the gate, which led Xialing to tát release Razor Fist and tell him they need to tát work together. Razor Fist was against the idea until he witnessed one of the creatures kill Death Dealer, followed by his blade having no effect on the Soul Eater. The fight then stopped between the people of Ta Lo and the Ten Rings, as they now focused on the new threat.[1]

Dweller Unleashed[]

Guardians of Ta Lo

Xialing and the two armies stand together

With the Soul Eaters quickly approaching, the people of Ta Lo and the Ten Rings joined forces, and stood by the lake, ready to tát fight off the incoming army of creatures. Just as the Soul Eaters were about to tát attack, the Great Protector emerged out of the water, and ate most of the creatures.

Xialing looks at the Great Protector

Xialing looks at the Great Protector

More Soul Eaters honed in on the village, ví the two armies fought together to tát eradicate the creatures, with Xialing defeating many with her rope dart. During the battle, Xialing noticed the Great Protector being swarmed by Soul Eaters, ví she used her rope dart to tát knock them off. The Great Protector knowingly looked at Xialing, and allowed her to tát ride her. The Dweller-in-Darkness broke out of the Dark Gate, ví Xialing and the Great Protector rushed over and attacked the evil creature.

Xialing sees Wenwu dead

Xialing discovers that her father has died

The Dweller headed for the the village, ví Shang-Chi jumped onto the Great Protector, and they chased after it. As they departed from the gate, Xialing discovered that her father was dead, and she and Shang-Chi looked at each other solemnly. The Great Protector managed to tát stop the Dweller from attacking the village, restraining it, but it was strengthened by consuming souls, and it knocked Xialing and Shang-Chi off the dragon. However, they managed to tát get back on, with the combined use of the rope dart and the Ten Rings.

Xialing tells Shang-Chi to tát let go

Xialing being pulled by Dweller-in-Darkness

As the Dweller began extracting the soul from the Great Protector, it also latched onto Xialing and began to tát pull her away. Shang-Chi quickly grabbed her, using the rings to tát liên kết them together, but it rendered him unable to tát save the Great Protector. Xialing understood this and tried to tát tell her brother to tát let her go, but he vowed to tát never leave her again. Fortunately, Katy Chen fired an arrow that went through the Dweller's throat, wounding the creature, allowing Xialing and Shang-Chi to tát climb back onto the dragon.

Xialing watches Shang-Chi defeat Dweller

Xialing sees Shang-Chi fight the Dweller

The Great Protector proceeded to tát battle the weakened Dweller, and once it had been overpowered, Xialing told Shang-Chi to tát defeat the creature, ví he leapt onto the Dweller. To assist him, Xialing wrapped one kết thúc of her rope dart around the Dweller's head and had the Great Protector pull the other kết thúc to tát force the Dweller to tát open its mouth ví Shang-Chi could blast the rings into it. After Shang-Chi defeated the Dweller, he and Xialing rode back to tát the village on the Great Protector, smiling after their victory. That night, everyone gathered to tát honor those who had died in the battle.[1]

Taking Over the Ten Rings[]

Xialing's Room

Xialing back in her childhood room

"Let's get started. We have a lot of work to tát vì thế."
―Xu Xialing[src]

After leaving Ta Lo, Xialing told Shang-Chi that she would stay at the Ten Rings Headquarters to tát shut down Xu Wenwu's operations while he returned to tát the United States of America. However, her true intentions were to tát actually become the Ten Rings new leader. This brought about an upheaval of reforms to tát the organization, such as introducing a female unit to tát train alongside the men in the courtyard, in addition to tát dismantling a number of its other operations.

Xialing (Leader of the Ten Rings)

Xialing as the new leader of the Ten Rings

While sorting through artwork plastered in her room, she discovered a sketch of her late mother, taking a moment to tát remember her. Razor Fist then approached Xialing to tát inform her that her new subordinates were waiting for her orders. With Razor Fist and Jon Jon at her side, Xialing took her seat on the throne her father once held, and announced that the Ten Rings have a lot of work to tát vì thế.[10]


"The little girl you left behind would've forgiven you instantly. But I don't know that girl anymore."
―Xu Xialing to tát Shang-Chi[src]

Xu Xialing is a cold, rebellious, and complex woman due to tát being abandoned by her brother and neglected by Xu Wenwu. Because she is a woman, she couldn't train alongside her brother, Shang-Chi, or inherit the Ten Rings, showing that she was looking down on by her father and his men. But regardless, she learned to tát train on her own by watching Shang-Chi's training as observing their movements. She's brash and hardened as she showed no mercy in her fights through the underground fighting club while finding some accepted in there and not underestimating for being a woman.

Despite her harsh and cold attitude, she's rather compassionate towards women, enough to tát save Katy Chen, who didn't know how to tát fight. Due to tát her harsh upbringing and being rejected, she's a feminist and wants to tát have equal rights for herself and other women. She revealed to tát Chen that she wants women to tát join the Ten Rings as well as becoming the leader of Ten Rings because she felt that she could change the all-male organization to tát an equal one where she can be accepted. Deep down, she's a vulnerable and emotional person who hides her insecurities through a cold facade.

She has a very strained relationship with her brother, who broke their promise of returning to tát her, and her father, who neglected her. She didn't mind punching Shang-Chi out of anger while being cold to tát her father. However, Xialing is willing to tát put feelings aside and teamed up with Shang-Chi to tát stop their father from destroying Ta Lo village, the trang chủ place of their mother. Despite her resentment towards her family, she deeply cared for and loved her mother, Ying Li. She often sketched her in her room where other sketches of her. Also, Xialing still cared about her brother and father. After saving Ta Lo, Xialing finds it in her heart to tát forgive her father despite everything he has done. Also, Xialing reconciled with Shang-Chi as she has come to tát terms that he is one of the few family members she has left in her life.

She misses her mother along with her brother and father. Xialing has shown to tát respect and care for her mother's homeland as she was willing to tát vì thế anything to tát protect, even from her own father. Due to tát growing up in a cold and harsh environment, Xialing is often amused by Katy's comedic personality.

In contrast to tát Shang-Chi, who wanted to tát leave his past behind, Xialing always kept her ambitions of joining the Ten Rings. Upon running away from the Ten Rings, she single-handedly founded the Golden Daggers Club, claiming that she would build an empire of her own as she was not allowed into her father's. Following Wenwu's death, Xialing told Shang-Chi that she would shut down the Ten Rings, but she instead decided to tát seized the opportunity to tát take control of the terrorist organization and continue her father's operations, albeit in her own style.


"I wasn't allowed to tát train with the boys. But I watched everything they did and taught myself to tát vì thế it better."
―Xu Xialing[src]
  • Master Martial Artist:
    Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings 53

    Xialing fighting against Shang-Chi

    Xialing is an extremely skilled and formidable hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist. Unlike her brother who was trained by the Ten Rings, she was self-taught, which trained herself from a very young age, by observing others and aimed to tát vì thế better kêu ca them, making her one of the most powerful and best fighters on the planet. Her fighting style includes mixed martial arts and Tai chi. She was able to tát defeat Shang-Chi in Golden Daggers Club, though he was holding back and she was still not as equally skilled as him. She easily defeated numerous armed members of Ten Rings and Razor Fist.
  • Rope Dart Mastery: Xialing is extremely skilled in using a rope dart for combat even though she was self-taught. She was able to tát use it to tát defeat numerous armed members of Ten Rings and Razor Fist.
  • Master Acrobat: Xialing is an extremely skilled acrobat, gymnast, and aerialist.
  • Expert Tactician: To be added
  • Expert Businessman: To be added
  • Bilingualism: Xialing is fluent in her native Mandarin, as well as English.



  • Xu Xialing's Rope Dart: In the battle between the people of Ta Lo and the Ten Rings, as well as their united battle against the Soul Eaters, Xialing used a rope dart that had a dart on one kết thúc and a meteor hammer on the other.

Other Equipment[]

  • Dragon Scale Armor: Armor made by and given to tát her by the people of Ta Lo, made out of dragon scales.


  • Razor Fist's Car: She was a passenger in Razor Fist's siêu xe during their escape from the Ten Rings Compound along with Shang-Chi, Katy, Trevor Slattery, and Morris.


  • Ten Rings Headquarters:
    New Leader of the Ten Rings

    Xialing takes over the Ten Rings Headquarters

    After the death of her father, Xialing took over as the head of the Ten Rings organization. As seen in the post-credits scene, she expanded the organization to tát allow women to tát participate, as well as modernized it by installing satellite dishes.
  • Golden Daggers Club: Xialing founded the Golden Daggers Club since she wasn't allowed into the Ten Rings organization by her father. Every fight is streamed online on the dark trang web, along with there being bets for each fight.



  • While Xu Xialing is an original character for the MCU, she does take inspiration from multiple characters in the comics, including several of Shang-Chi's sisters:
    • Zheng Bao Yu, also known as the Cursed Lotus and originally known as Fah Lo Suee, is Shang-Chi's elder half-sister and ran an underworld organization known as the Golden Daggers, lượt thích Xialing's fight club. Also lượt thích Xialing, Bao Yu fled her father's organization, only to tát return to tát run rẩy it after his death.
    • Zheng Esme, also known as Sister Dagger, is Shang-Chi's youngest half-sibling, with whom Shang-Chi had a tumultuous relationship at first, before bonding. She also sports a Black bob hairstyle, a white costume, and possesses a dagger on a rope as her weapon, as does Xialing.
    • Zheng Shi-Hua, also known as Sister Hammer, is perhaps Xialing's closest analogue in the comics, having grown up with Shang-Chi and been separated in early youth by their father. In adulthood, the two clashed over control of their father's organization. Shi-Hua is also Shang-Chi's only full sibling, with the two sharing their mother, Jiang Li as well as their father.
    • Sasha Hammer, also known as Detroit Steel, was the daughter of the Mandarin in the comics, as well as the granddaughter of Justin Hammer.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The first month of filming, Meng'er Zhang portrayed the character with having a red streak in her hair. After reading a Teen Vogue article pointing out how rebellious Asian females in truyền thông were portrayed with a color hair extension, Zhang asked director Destin Daniel Cretton that she not wear it in future scenes, to tát which he agreed.[11]
  • Xu Xialing is younger kêu ca Xu Shang-Chi. In real life, Meng'er Zhang is two years older kêu ca Simu Liu.
  • Xiau-Shuang Fan, Millie Lohmann and Fan Xiaoshuang were stunt doubles for Meng'er Zhang in the role of Xu Xialing.
  • Jessica Henwick was offered an audition for Xu Xialing, but turned it down to tát appear in The Matrix Resurrections. According to tát Henwick, one of the factors in her decision was that she didn’t want to tát put a "lid" on her Iron Fist character Colleen Wing potentially returning to tát the MCU in projects produced by Marvel Studios in the future.[12]


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